The Spring BAM Jam Basketball Tournament Returns this March

Be ready to compete in March 2022. Dates will be announced shortly. To be the first to know, sign up for our email list here.

Youth teams and high school teams will compete on Friday evening and during the day on Saturday.

Adult teams will compete on Saturday and Sunday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the games officiated?

Yes! For the first time ever, every court will have a paid official.

How many players on a team?

This year will have expanded rosters to allow for 5 players per team.

Can I compete on more than one team?

Yes, but ONLY if the teams are not in the same division. For example, a player CAN compete in both the recreational division and the competitive division. However, a player CANNOT be on two teams that are both in the competitive division. Players found competing on more than one team in a division will be removed from the tournament and the games they played in will be forfeited. 

*NOTE: if you play on more than one team, your games may be at the same time. We DO NOT take schedule requests so you will need to make arrangements prior to your game. 

What divisions are available?

This year, the youth divisions have changed to age divisions, instead of grade divisions. So it is pretty simple, players need to be under a certain age during the tournament to be eligible. 

Adult divisions are the same as before: Men’s 6’0 Over and Under with options for OPEN, Competitive, or Recreational. Women have an OPEN and Competitive option. And each summer we do offer a Co-ed division.

How do I register?

Registration will open in January.

Each team will need a designated “coach”. This isn’t really a coach but the main point of contact for your team (Exposure won’t let us change the wording). They are also in charge of ensuring that each player on the roster meets the division’s eligibility requirements. 

Simply create an account (or login with an account you may have used in the past) and fill in your team’s information. Also please select Male or Female for gender unless you are playing in the adult co-ed division. There are NOT youth co-ed teams. But again, Exposure won’t let us remove it. 

You will need information for at least 3 of your players to register. You can change your roster later after you have registered by logging in and updated through the system. There is no charge for player changes as long you make them yourself. If you need us to make a roster change, there is a $20 fee.

What is the deadline?

The normal registration deadline will be announced in January. If you complete your registration (signed up AND paid) then you are in. If you wait, you are taking your chances, as spots will only be filled where available and with a $25 late fee.