BAM Jam Champions – 2010 Summer

Here are the bracket champions from the 2010 Fast Eddy’s Summer BAM JAM. Each bracket champion received champions T-shirts, thanks to Flashpoint Screen Printing (click here to check ’em out).

Overall Men’s Elite Champions – STADIA Legends
The STADIA Legends (Chris Allen, Ryan McCarthy, Dan Mcfaul, Wade Joseph) are the first BAM Jam team to repeat as Men’s Elite Champions. They won their first title in 2008. There were two men’s elite brackets. The two bracket champions then faced off in the Finals for the overall championship.

The finals locked up and STADIA. cruised through their bracket, winning all four of their first games. STADIA, however, took a much different route. Thye lost their first game of the tournament and had to battle their way through the loser’s bracket.  But 8 straight wins later they made it to the finals. And after win number 9 they captured the 2010 title.

But can their outdoor success translate to indoors? We’ll see next Spring when BAM Jam goes back indoors for the spring version. There is very limited room so if you would like advanced noticed and a chance to get your team in before the general public, send an email to with the subject: Spring BAM Jam Registration to be put on our early registration list.

Other Bracket Champions:
Bracket #1, Men’s Elite – STADIA Legends
Bracket #2, Men’s Elite –
Bracket #3, Men’s Elite 6’0 and under – Spokane Scrubs
Bracket #4, Women’s Elite – Team Jacob
Bracket #5, Boy’s High School Elite – FSU
Bracket #6, Men’s Competitive #1 – Team Leftovers
Bracket #7, Men’s Competitive #2 – Baby Blue Crew
Bracket #8, Men’s Recreational #1 – KM Engineering
Bracket #9, Men’s Recreational #2 – Fifteen Deep
Bracket #10, Men’s 6’0 and Under Competitive – Unlimited Range
Bracket #11, Men’s 6’0 and Under Recreational – UCI
Bracket #12, Men’s 40 and Over – Old School
Bracket #13, Women’s Competitive – Team Miller
Bracket #14, Adult Co-ed – Team Swaagg
Bracket #15, High School Co-ed – DNHT
Bracket #16, Boys 9th Grade – Toon Sqwad
Bracket #17, Boys 10th Grade – Go Hawks
Bracket #18, Boys 11th/12th Grade – Boises Best
Bracket #19, Girls 9th/10th Grade – Panthers
Bracket #20, Girls 11th/12th Grade – D mak
Bracket #21, Girls 3rd/4th Grade – Middleton Storm
Bracket #22, Girls 6th/7th Grade – Fussion
Bracket #23, Girls 8th Grade – HD Ballerz
Bracket #24, Boys 3rd/4th Grade – Nampa Knights
Bracket #25, Boys 5th Grade – Dream Team
Bracket #26, Boys 6th Grade – Four Dreamers
Bracket #27, Boys 7th Grade – DRM Three
Bracket #28, Boys 8th Grade #1 – Adobe Four
Bracket #29, Boys 8th Grade #2 – Celtics

Mybullfrog 3-Point Challenge – Craig Spjute
POWERADE Slam Dunk Championship – Reggie Larry