BAM Jam to offer cash prize to OPEN champions

We are excited to announce that the winning teams of both the Men’s 6’0 and Over OPEN division and Women’s OPEN division will receive a cash prize of up to $1,000 per winning team. The 6’0 and Under OPEN and High School OPEN divisions are not eligible.

The tournament, which began in 2008, has never offered a cash prize to winning teams before. However, after some discussion about the level of play involved, including a lot of current and former professional players, the tournament decided that it was time to take things up another notch.

“The OPEN division has always been at an elite level,” said Clint Hordemann, BAM Jam co-director. “We felt like it was time to reward the top teams with some cash for proving they are the best team in the northwest.”

For every team that competes in either the men’s 6’0 and Over OPEN or the Women’s OPEN division, BAM Jam will throw another $100 into the tournament purse, up to $1000 for both of these OPEN Divisions. For example, if 8 teams compete in the Women’s OPEN division, the winning team would receive $800. 

“The goal is to create the highest level of 3 on 3 streetball we can,” mentioned co-director Vince Hordemann. “A cash prize will draw in more of the top teams from the Treasure Valley and surrounding states. And there will be some teams that would normally play in the competitive division that decide they want a shot at the money. We love rewarding teams that want a challenge. This is going to be a lot of fun.”

Previous OPEN division teams have come from across the country and from a variety of leagues. Participants hail from beyond Idaho including Arizona, California, Texas, New York, Iowa, and abroad including Australia. The tournament has also attracted players from the NBA, G-League, Euroleague, and other professional divisions around the world.

The tournament is August 6-8, 2021 on the streets of Downtown Caldwell, Idaho at Indian Creek Plaza. Teams can register at and the guaranteed deadline is July 16.