Contests and Contest Winners

The following are the winners of various contests along with information on how to enter.

Free Team Winners

  • Team #1 (drawn June 6, 2017): Javid
  • Team #2 (drawn June 12, 2017): Darius
  • Team #3 (drawn June 20): Kevin
  • Team #4 (drawn June 27): Riley
  • Team #5 (drawn July 3): Jordan
  • Team #6 (drawn July 11): Stephanie
  • Team #7 (drawn July 19): Jalene
  • Team #8 (drawn July 19): Fred
  • Team #9: (to be drawn July 25): Cavalin
  • Team #10: (to be drawn July 25): Carlos
How to enter

Anyone can enter. Entries must be received by July 21, 2017 and you must register your team by July 28, 2017. A winner will be randomly selected each week. Non-winners from the previous week are automatically entered in the following week until they either win or the contest ends.

**This contest has now ended**

Winners are contacted via the email that they used to submit their entry.

FAQ: What if I’ve already registered my team? No problem. If you end up winning a free team we will simply refund your team registration back to your credit card. NO BIG DEAL!

Weekly Random Winners

Week #1 Winners:

  • Nike Elite Socks: Kristofer
  • $10 promo code: Rose
  • Random shirt pack: Lisa

Week #2 Winners:

  • Nike Elite Socks: Terrance
  • $10 promo code: Ashley
  • Work out tank and shirts: Chelsea

Week #3 winners:

  • T-shirt pack: Kaylee
  • $10 promo code: Anthony
  • Nike Elite Socks: Shelton

Week #4 winners:

  • Mikasa Basketball: Quinn
  • T-shirt Pack: Mohamed
  • $10 promo code: DeAndre

Week #5 winners:

  • T-shirt Pack: Jim
  • Mikasa Basketball: Jayrome
  • $10 Promo code: Layja
  • $20 Pro Image card: Delaney

Week #6 winners (drawn July 11)

  • T-shirt Pack: Melissa
  • $20 Pro Image Card: Alysa
  • $20 Dick’s Sporting Goods Card: Richard
  • $10 Promo code: Ricardo

Week #7 Winners (drawn July 19)

  • $20 Pro Image Card: Sawyer
  • $20 Pro Image Card: Arthur
  • $20 Dick’s Sporting Goods Card: Landon
  • $20 Dick’s Sporting Goods Card: Steven
  • $10 Promo code: James

Week #8 Winners (drawn July 27)

  • $20 Pro Image Card: Victor
  • $20 Pro Image Card: Zachary
  • $20 Dick’s Sporting Goods Card: Kylee
  • $20 Dick’s Sporting Goods Card: Brittney
  • $10 Promo Code: Troy
How to enter

Anyone can enter. Every week through July we are giving away random prizes like Nike Elite socks, random t-shirts, discount codes and more.

Option 1 – To be entered you simply fill out the following survey. That’s it. Once you have completely filled out the survey you will automatically be entered each week to win prizes until you either win or the contest ends. Make sure your email doesn’t have a typo or we won’t be able to contact you! (limit one per person)

Option 2 – Send your best Summer BAM Jam memories to bamjam.memories@gmail.com and you will get TWO entries in to this weekly contest! That’s right, just by emailing your favorite memory, either a picture, video or a sentence or two about what you love best about the summer BAM Jam and you get two entries to win.

**This contest has now ended**[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]