Local, Unique, Trusted

The following article was originally published on February 25, 2014. We’ve updated the information and republished since it is still relevant today. 

If you live in Southern Idaho there is always something to do. It isn’t a question of what to do but a question of which option should I choose.

It’s no different when choosing which basketball event to play in. You have choices between doing a camp, playing in a tournament or
working out by yourself.

That is  a GREAT thing! And we know that on March 21-22 you have more options than just playing in BAM Jam presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores. But for local players, here are three reasons why playing in BAM Jam is a good choice: Local, Unique, Trusted.


BAM Jam doesn’t just happen in Boise, Idaho. It IS Boise, Idaho. Pretty much everything you see at each spring tournament is a Boise or Southern Idaho product.

The shirts each team gets? Designed right here in Boise, Idaho and printed in Boise, Idaho.

The volunteers? They live here in the Treasure Valley.

The food and drink sold at the event? Provided by local vendors and distributors.

The signage posted around the tournament? Printed by a sign company in Garden City, Idaho.

The supplies and equipment used such as basketballs and portable baskets? All procured here in Southern Idaho.

The elite game officials and security? All local high school officials and local security officers.

The storage facility for all the equipment and baskets that are brought in? All stored in downtown Boise, Idaho.

The championship shirts? Printed in Boise, Idaho.

And the proceeds from the tournament? Yep, donated back to local non-profit organizations.


If you don’t live in Boise all this stuff probably doesn’t make any difference. You just want a great tournament experience and we get that. We want the same thing.

But if you live here in Southern Idaho you can be assured that by participating in Spring BAM Jam presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores that your money is supporting local businesses, with over $10,000 going back in to the community each spring. That is something that an out of town tournament cannot claim.


The 3 on 3 basketball tournaments run by the BAM Jam team are a one-of-a-kind experience. Yes, there are similar elements to other tournaments (everyone gets a t-shirt, every team is competing for a championship). But at the Spring BAM Jam we offer a Player’s Lounge that lets you watch the NCAA tournament in between your games, provide music that creates an electric environment, host the a 3-Point Challenge that anyone can try and of course, 3 on 3 is not your typical 5 on 5 experience. Plus, you aren’t competing against the same players that you see every weekend. New players compete every year. It’s another benefit of only hosting two 3 on 3 tournaments a year.

And as you’ve probably heard, the top two teams from each elite division will go on to compete at the USA Basketball 3×3 National Tournaments this May. This is the same USA Basketball that brings together players like LeBron James, Chris Paul and Kevin Durant. Games in these divisions utilize the FIBA 3×3 rules for international play. 

It is an opportunity you won’t find at any other basketball event in Idaho – no 5 on 5 tournament, no camps. It is truly unique to BAM Jam.


Has your team (5 on 5, 3 on 3, etc.) ever been promised certain things if they play in a certain tournament, only to find out after you get there you’ve been misled? We have. It’s not fun because not only do you not have a good time, you’ve let down your teammates as well. 

This will be the 6th Annual Spring BAM Jam presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores. And if you count the seven summer tournaments, the five previous Northwest Premier Invitational tournaments plus countless camps and clinics that our organizers have run, you can see why the BAM Jams are some of the most trusted and respected tournaments in the northwest. We are honest about what we promise and we consistently deliver on those promises. You can trust that this will continue to be the case this spring and beyond. If you want to see what we mean, click here to see all the brackets and teams from last spring.

BAM Jam presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores has been trusted in the Treasure Valley since 2008 and is trusted by USA Basketball to produce great tournaments. 
We hope to see you and your team this March 21-22 at Spring BAM Jam! Click here to register.