See timeline below for when and what types of changes are allowed.

Players have two options to make player changes:

Option 1 – make the change yourself for free. To make a change to your roster, simply log in here:

(Your login information was emailed to you when you registered. It will be from

Click on your team name. On the left side menu (if you are on a desktop) click on PLAYERS. Your roster will come up. 


Make the necessary changes but keep these things in mind:

  • Before July 30 any roster change is allowed. Be aware that some changes (such as adding an older youth player or a taller adult player) may require a division change. If this is the case, the team captain is responsible for notifying the tournament director.
  • After July 30 you cannot make roster changes that will affect your team’s division. For example, if you have a 11U girls team, you cannot add a 12-year-old or older player. This kind of change will cause your team to forfeit their games.¬†THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Only 5 players are allowed on a roster. If more than 5 players are on your roster, the last player added will be ineligible and will cause your team to forfeit if they are found playing. BE SURE TO DELETE A PLAYER THAT IS NOT ON THE ROSTER to avoid this.

Option 2 – pay the $20 change fee and send us the changes and we will make the change for you. Email with your changes. You will receive an invoice for $20 and once that is paid your team will be updated.