Summer BAM Jam Champs for 2015

Here is a list of bracket champions for the 2015 Summer BAM Jam, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores. Thank you to everyone that participated!

You can tentatively mark March 19-20, 2016 down for next year’s Spring BAM Jam. Be sure to check your email in the next month or so for information on registering your team.

Men's 6'0 Over Elite Champions
Tick Tock Media won the 2015 Summer BAM Jam Men’s Elite 6’0 and Over Division

2015 Summer Champs

Northwestern Mutual Men’s Elite 6’0 Over – Tick Tock Media
Northwestern Mutual Men’s 6’0 Under – STADIA
Northwestern Mutual Women’s elite – Hapa Lolo
Beniton Construction Coed – Basketeers
AAA of Idaho 6’0 Over Recreational #1 – A Plus
Mountain West Bank 6’0 Over Recreational #2 – Lip Rippers
Old Chicago 6’0 Under Recreational – Scary Payton
Johnny’s Fit Club 6’0 Under Competitive #1 – Ball Above All 6’0 Under Competitive #2 – Ruthless 6’0 Over Competitive #1 – JDB Three
Goldy’s 6’0 Over Competitive #2 – Goldys
KM Engineering 6’0 Over Competitive #3 – NAIA Plus One
Eddie’s Diner Girls 3/4 Grade – Check It Up
Mikasa Girls 5/6 Grade – Three Talls One Small
Design West Girls 7/8 Grade – Slam Girls
Goss Gustavel Goss Boys 3rd Grade – Shooting Stars
Goss Gustavel Goss Boys 4th Grade – TC Blaze
Bronco Shop Boys 5th Grade – Boise Slammers
Domino’s Boys 6th Grade – HD Nation
Wright Brothers Boys 7th Grade – Boise Slam
Hampton Inn Boys 8th Grade – White Men Can Jump
State Farm Randy Klein Boys 9th Grade – Lapwai Hoops
Sports Authority Boys 10/11 Grade – Velociraptos
Pita Pit Boys 12 Grade – Knuckleheadz
Bucks Bags Girls 9/10 Grade – OC Ballin
Bucks Bags Girls 11/12 Grade – Victorious Secret
POWERADE Slam Dunk Championship – Ryan Grinnell
First Federal Bank 3-Point Challenge – Ryan Skurdal
Thanks to Treasure Valley Ford Stores for making the tournament possible and to Grind Modern Burger for creating a special court for some of our adult teams.
Ryan Grinnell wins the POWERADE Slam Dunk Championship