Team Captains! Please read

Just a reminder, if you are the team captain (Player 1 on the registration form) you should receive a team verification email. It is absolutely critical that you review the information in this email and make any corrections necessary.

The most important items: be sure that your team is in the correct age group (youth, high school or adult), gender (male, female or co-ed), team height (N/A for youth, 6’0 and under, 6’0 and over) and division (youth, recreational, competitive or elite).

From there be sure that your team members all meet the requirements of your division (if you are in a high school division all players should be in high school, if you are in a co-ed gender bracket you should have at least one boy or girl, if you are 6’0 and under everyone should be under 6’0, etc.)

This is so important because this is how we bracket all teams. What may seem like a simple typo could affect the teams you play against. We rely on your accuracy to evenly match up teams.

If you see a mistake, simply respond to the email with the corrections. We’ll take if from there.

If you have not received a verification email (it should be sent to you within 10 minutes of completing your registration) please send an email to with your team name, captain’s name and captain’s email address.

Other information that is important: Player’s 2-4 email addresses (BAM Jam does all communication through email so this should be accurate) and team t-shirt sizes.

Other notes: if you need to add/delete/change a player you can do so via the “PLAYER CHANGE” form available under the “Play” link on the main page.

The normal registration deadline is March 5. However, we are currently on pace to sell out early so if you are considering getting a team in, you may want to register ASAP. The Fast Eddy’s BAM Jam is March 13 at Taco Bell Arena.