Team Registration Check List And Hints For Success

Register your BAM Jam 3 on 3
basketball team today!

Here is a checklist of items that may help to get your team registered before the deadline:

  • Mark your calendar for July 19 with “BAM Jam registration deadline”. If its a digital calendar you can even set a reminder to go off a day or two before just to be safe.
  • Visit and click PLAY
  • Adult teams, decide what level of play you want: recreational, competitive or elite
  • Talk to your teammates and get the following information from them: address, birthdate, cell phone number, email, height, playing experience and shirt size (adult sizes). Youth and high school teams will also need the grade they are going in to next fall.
  • Credit card – yes, you have to pay to play!
  • Submit the registration and look for your registration email. It will be sent to the Team Captain (Player 1) so that email needs to be accurate.
  • If you end up on the “Thank You” page your registration should be good to go. But definitely make sure you receive the email.

If you do not receive an email, contact with your team name, your name and when you signed up. We’ll figure out what happened. 


When registering, here are a couple of tips to make the process smoother.

  • Have all your team information ready before you begin. 
  • Register from a desktop computer if possible. You can register from a smart phone or tablet, but we’ve found that if your signal bounces from one cell tower or WiFi hot spot to another it can interfere. 
  • If you are registering from work, make sure that your internet is not behind a firewall. Usually, for the company’s safety, firewalls prevent certain transactions. 
  • Make sure that your browser is up to date. If you enter the players in and click NEXT and it scrolls to the top of the browser with no error, this could mean that your browser or some other component is out of date. To going to for a quick check (we are not endorsing this website or the owner but it has helped others). It will do a quick check and let you know if something is out of date.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to register. Sometimes you may run in to unforeseen issues that prevent your registration from going through. Most of the time everything goes fine but you never know! Remember: there is a $25 late fee if your registration is done after July 19.
  • If you run in to issues, send an email to We are happy to help in any way that we can.

The 7th Annual Fast Eddy’s BAM Jam continues to grow and already has registrations from teams in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Utah. Make sure you get in on all the action!