Tentative schedule for BAM Jam’s Saturday and Sunday

The following is a TENTATIVE schedule of events to give you an idea of how the BAM Jam tournament will unfold.

Saturday, March 17
Ideally, each team will play two games on Saturday starting in the morning. This isn’t guaranteed but as the bracketing process continues that is the goal.

Through out Saturday, shooters can qualify for the finals of the Jackson & Jackson Insurance 3-Point Challenge, located upstairs in the east gym at the Borah Sports Complex. The top finalists will qualify for the finals.

If you are interested in participating in the Powerade Slam Dunk Championship you will be able to sign up on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, March 18
Games will continue through out the day with the majority of championship games finishing up at 5:00 PM. Not all games will finish at that time but, again, this is our goal.

The Power Hour, which includes the Powerade Slam Dunk Championship, the Jackson & Jackson Insurance 3-Point Challenge and other items, will likely be Sunday morning. More information will be available closer to the start of the event. Remember, anyone is welcome to participate in these special events. This is something you’ll definitely want to be sure to either participate in or at lease check out.