The Bracketing has begun!

We have begun the bracketing process and have started to post them online as they become available. Please keep in mind that these brackets are tentative and subject to change. Your final brackets will be given to you at Team Check-in on Thursday and Friday. Team Check-in at Old Chicago downtown is mandatory!

To view the brackets, visit the following web page: This is a work in progress and all brackets will be added as they become available. Please be patient with us; our staff is volunteering their time which means they have a real job that pays the bills during the day!

All teams will be receiving an email with their team numbers. You must have this number at team check-in to get your final bracket, tshirts and BAM Jam registration package.

Also, a big thanks to all the volunteers that helped us assemble baskets last night and to Bruneel Tire for letting us use some of their space!