The Style of BAM Jam

To quote long time BAM Jam champ Chris Allen, “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good.”
Allen would know, having won multiple summer and spring BAM Jam championships in the men’s elite divisions.
The way a player dresses for game day says a lot about who they are and how they play.

It’s gotta be the shoes (or socks, or…)

While shoes are at the core of a hooper’s apparel, they are no longer the the only key element. Today’s game goes beyond a player’s shoe game. Socks, shorts, shoe laces, tights, shirts, head bands and arm sleeves all play in to the look.




At BAM Jam you will see every brand you can think of in every style imaginable. Latest releases to retro, bright to classic and everything in between from toes to top. It is a great place to test your street ball fashion sense along with your jump shot.

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Taking it to the next level

While some might be content to put on the latest footwear, others like to take it up a notch. There has been an increased trend in head to toe coordination. Shoes match the socks. Socks match the shorts. Shorts match the shirt. We’ve even seen matched sunglasses and head bands.




And then there’s the question of brand loyalty vs. mismatch. Is it ok to wear Nike shoes with Adidas socks? Can Jordan Brand shorts be worn with a Derrick Rose shirt?
These are questions that will continue to be debated before, during and after the tournament.
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Shout out to the Old School and those that don’t care

At the end of the day, BAM Jam is about scoring more points then your opponent. And frankly, the Mikasa basketballs we use don’t care what you are wearing. So if you aren’t street savy or just don’t really care what anyone thinks then you should be applauded as well. BAM Jam is for all ages and abilities. And that includes the ability to match your shoes and socks.
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