Week 2 Preparation

Week 2 workout courtesy of St. Luke’s
BAM Jam: Preparation for Game Day brought to you by St. Luke’s Men’s Health2-15-2012-getting-ready-for-the-tourney
  • By now you should be doing some type of activity 3-6 days a week to prepare for BAM Jam. It just feels good to get out there and move! You don’t have to take a long time but you have to be consistent to make changes in your fitness level. Get your body ready to play! We are going to add some core strengthening to the program we started last week.
Why train the core, you ask?
  • Strength and power moves begin at the core.
  • Improve performance- Good core strength will help your jumping ability as well as your balance, agility and endurance.
  • Injury prevention- Basketball can be a rough game and nobody likes to be injured. Stabilize with core strength and decrease you chance of injury.
Core strength will help you hold that screen as well as come off a screen faster and with greater resolve.
Don’t know what a plank is?
Hold a straight body position, supported on elbows and toes. Brace the abdominals and maintain a straight body line through feet, hips and head. For even better results talk to someone who knows yoga or pilates.
Have a great workout and think about the fun you’ll have at BAM Jam!
Yours in Sports, 
Lorie A. Allison, LAT, ATC 
Certified Athletic Trainer


Core 2 X :30 seconds
  • Plank
  • R plank
  • L plank
  • Plank with your feet on the ball
  • Bicycle
  • Flutter Kicks-lay on side, repeat other side
  • Cross Overs-lay on back-alternate leg on top 
Exercise program provided by Kevin Taylor, MS, ATL, ATC. Head Athletic Trainer for the Idaho Stampede