Week 4 Preparation


BAM Jam: Preparation for Game Day presented by St. Luke’s Men’s Health 

BAM Jam is getting closer, just a few weeks away! By now everyone has scheduled time to practice some basketball, 2 times a week at least and 6 times a week at most. You’re working on your core strength, flexibility and your explosive power!

Basketball is about short bursts of action. You want to work on the ability to stop, go and change direction quickly. We’re talking foot speed, agility and reaction time. You can improve these skills by practice quick foot movements and drills that emphasize reaction and change of directions.

The basis for these skills is individual leg strength. If you don’t have the power to push off the floor hard and fast, either on the right or left leg. you need to work on strength.
Here is a short but sweet leg workout:
Lunge Circuit 3-5lb DB 7 Steps Each Leg


  • Both arms over head
  • Both arms out
  • Both arms in front
  • Sgl arm out (R/L)
  • Sgl arm in front (R/L)
Here’s a foot speed workout:

Four Square 2X Through NO BREAK


  • Front-to-back
  • Dbl Leg :20
  • Sprint strides(30 touches)
  • Sgl Leg :10
  • Sprint strides (30 touches)
  • Side-to-Side
  • Dbl Leg :20
  • Sprint strides(30 touches)
  • Sgl Leg :10
  • Sprint strides(30 touches)
Exercise program provided by Kevin Taylor, MS, ATL, ATC. Head Athletic Trainer for the Idaho Stampede.
Enjoy your time on the court with your team as you continue to prepare for BAM Jam.
Yours in Sports,
Lorie A. Allison, LAT, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
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